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Hi my beautiful voyagers!!!
How is your week? hope it's great and fun!

Though I've already got back from my trip, I wanted to share with you a bit of my time in Valencia.
I really loved this city.  (oh! by the way it's in Spain :)  )
Beautiful markets, a great street for shopping (Colon st.), tasty gelato and a beautiful and very unique museum of science and art.
I've been there for 4 days and I tell you, it's not enough!!

without further ado, I'll let you get to the pictures ;)


Hello my voyagers!!
During my euro trip, I visited Madrid. If you get the chance to be there, I recommend visiting the Royal palace, El Prado museum, San Anton market and for serious shopping, the Grand Via st.
It is a beautiful city with fun vacation vibes!
As always, I want to share with you guys some pics and outfit ideas. So here's a sneak peak :)
Although a bit late, but it is better than never right?
Have a great week! and stay inspired!

Hello my voyagers!!
The former week I’ve been in London and I just fell in love!
It’s such a beautiful city!
I was there for a week and let me tell you! IT IS NOT ENOUGH!!
My favorite was ‘Notting Hill’! I truly loved it!! If you get the chance to be in London, you absolutely have to check it out.
Portobello road is also an awesome place, There’s an endless market going through it, aka ‘The Portobello market’.
You can find there anything from thrift shops to food to modern day clothing, just all kinds of good!
While your’e there, visit the cutest coffee shop called ‘Farm Girl Cafe’, I highly recommend of it! (check out the post on my Instagram page).
Enjoy the beauty of the colorful pastel houses! Walking through its streets, I took some pictures to give you guys tiny hint of how it looks like.

Let me know what you think:) 
Love you so much!


I'm wearing:

Hi my beautiful voyagers!
So this week I'm in Greece! or to be more precise, in Rhodes :)
A beautiful Island where you can travel, have some shopping or relax on the beach.
I have to say, I fell in love with its old town.
There are ancient structures and a small market through it and also a fortress with wall remains around.
The town is just by the port where there are a lot of yachts and a pier with three windmills.
If you stand on the pier you can see the view of the old town. 
I tell you, this place is so epic.

So about my outfit, I wore a white peplum dress made by me, with white sneakers and a lovely baby pink clutch. classy and comfort :)

I brought you a little taste of the vibe of this place and I hope I inspired you to come and visit Rhodes.
I wish you all guys an amazing weekend!

I'm wearing: 
DRESS:  my design (by me)
CLUTCH & RINGS:  Audreyapparel

Hello my voyagers!!!
So how was week? hope it was a blast!
My week was wonderful! you know why?? well, it was my birthday week!
But seriously, is one week enough? birthday month sounds way better! :)
So in this post I show you what I wore for my Bday night (it was Saturday by the way).
A beautiful striped jumpsuit with side cutouts.
Now, I want to dedicate a minute to talk about side cutout, or any cutouts where they are,
are so chic and beautiful! aren't they? they definitely give the garment a sophisticated look!!

I added a gorgeous black heels and a black clutch to frame this outfit.
And voil√† :)
Let me know what you guys think of this outfit!
Have a great weekend! 

I'm wearing:

Hello my beautiful voyagers!!
How was your week? hope you had a great time!
For this week, I've brought to you my simple winner go-to outfit!
Don't you have days that you just want to "throw" something on yourselves and go?
Something that is comfortable, light and just make you look beautiful?
Well, my friends, here's your answer! I chose to wear a black casual midi dress, with slits on both sides, with a pair of black lace up heels.
I combined this outfit with some silver accessories (of course it can be gold too), for those who know me better, I don't use silver jewelry much, 
but sometimes I feel like it's a must! ( like this time :)  )
Anyway, the accessories play a major role in this outfit since they make everything more chic and give the look some edge! don't you think?

I would really like to read your comments and know what you guys think! 
Love you so so much!