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Your time to shine ;)

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Extremely hot days are upon us, and for the next few months not only we have to prepare ourselves for the exhausting heat, but also for the summer events, parties and proms.

Its not a secret that every women wants to shine the most, steal the spotlights and be unique in the occasion.

in this post I'm bringing you a number of options on how you can be that women.

every women can look at her best no matter her body shape(height or weight), its all about proportions, never underestimate yourselves.
each and everyone of us is special on her own way and so is our body.

the next dress will show you how to enjoy the occasion in spite of the heat, this dress have a very flowy fabric that you will not even feel. I highly recommend it for women who have a straight body figure because it's emphasize the waist.It's the ultimate dress to wear on a hot summery evening.

This dress is perfect for the day (the white makes you shine) and also for the evening (the purple-pink color makes the look more sophisticated and elegant) . I love this dress since it reveals the whole back while the rest is pretty covered- makes it so sexy!

black dress is the go-to for any occasion, always, you can't go wrong with it! also, in this outfit you don't need to add anything, because it already has all the accessories it needs. 

This lacy cream dress is so breezy, elegant and chic! It is fun to wear especially for petite women since it shows your legs and makes an illusion that you are taller.   

This one is so gorgeous and flattering. The whole focus is in the front- a strapless top with the beautiful twisted detail and the silk belt. It emphasizes the feminine figure of your body. I recommend to wear these kind of dresses especially when you have a narrow shoulders. also, the long skirt that start from the waist till under the foot creates length that we all would love (the more CM, the better! ;)  ).

All the above are great options for any kind of event, and you can find many more at There are evening dresses, formal dresses, prom dresses and even bridesmaid dresses!   
Also, you can save a lot of money since the prices are affordable!! so go check it out and enjoy the party! ;) 

Hope that you find it helpful, I really enjoy to share with you tips and useful information!
Love you guys a lot!
Huge kiss!! :)

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  1. Amazing dress , the last one is my favorite!


  2. Love the dresses, my favorite is the last one!

  3. nice selection!!!!

  4. Super beautiful dresses.

  5. Lovely dresses, I want them all :D <3

  6. L O V E!

    New OUTFIT online, what do you think about?

  7. Pretty, pretty, pretty princess dresses.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo Ra

  8. Lovely dresses !

    Bisous !

  9. The dresses are so beautiful<3 The mini pink one is my fav !
    Maybe you want to follow each other? Let me know:)
    xoxo, Mai ♥

  10. Thank you very much girls!! <3
    kisses :)