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Fashion illustration

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My beautiful voyagers!

As some of you may know, besides styling and doing fashion, 
I draw and love fashion illustration!!!

In FASHION WEEK's spirit, I chose looks that I liked from the famous Haute Couture fashion shows such as CHANEL, Schiaparelli, Dior and Victor&Rolf, and gave them my sketch interpretation ;)
I found it really satisfying and joyful.
 And now I want to share my illustrations with you guys!

I hope you will enjoy this post and find it inspiring! 
I'm more than happy to read your comments, it really means a lot!
Thank you so much!


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  1. Beautiful sketches! You're so talented!
    Check out my new outfit post on

  2. Very creative illustrations. You are very talented :)
    xx Silvi

  3. I love your illustrations:)
    I don't draw but I sew clothes.
    Maybe you will find some inspiration on my blog -
    Lots of love:)