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Illustrated catalogue

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Hello Voyagers!!! :)
In just a bit, I'm about to finish my 2nd year of fashion design studies!!
So now it's the final projects, works and tests.. and I wanted to give you a closer look 
to what I'm doing ^^

This semester we had a fashion illustration class and for the final task, we were asked
to choose a fashion house and illustrate a catalogue for it.
I chose an Israeli fashion house, it's name is SAMPLE, runs by two sisters that do wonders! 
Their designs are so beautiful, sophisticated and clean! 
It is my kind of style, so I really love it :)

The teacher basically let us go wild and design it how we wanted..

As you all know fashion magazines and social media are flooded with flatlays and items of different brands that combine together under the same picture\page..
So I decided to make the catalogue contemporary and fashionable, and I did something similar :)

So after you take a closer look on the catalogue, does it look like a magazine? 
 Please let me know what you think and if you liked it :D

Thank you guys so much for all the love and comments!
Love you so much!!

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