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Twisted outfit

By 9:18:00 AM

Hello my beautiful voyagers!!
How was your week? hope you had a great time!
For this week, I've brought to you my simple winner go-to outfit!
Don't you have days that you just want to "throw" something on yourselves and go?
Something that is comfortable, light and just make you look beautiful?
Well, my friends, here's your answer! I chose to wear a black casual midi dress, with slits on both sides, with a pair of black lace up heels.
I combined this outfit with some silver accessories (of course it can be gold too), for those who know me better, I don't use silver jewelry much, 
but sometimes I feel like it's a must! ( like this time :)  )
Anyway, the accessories play a major role in this outfit since they make everything more chic and give the look some edge! don't you think?

I would really like to read your comments and know what you guys think! 
Love you so so much!

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  1. Those shoes are so pretty!